Parliamentary Election 2023

The Consumers’ Union of Finland’s goals for the government’s 2023–2027 term.

User-friendly Finland

Reasonable costs of living and sustainable everyday life

  • Everyone has the right to a sustainable everyday life and reasonable costs of living.
  • More sustainable and repairable products and support for using repair services.
  • Wider possibilities to use tax credits for household expenses also in housing companies.

Improvements to consumer protection

  • Faster processing of cases in the Consumer Disputes Board. 
  • Access to reliable taxi services must be ensured.
  • Improved labelling of foodstuffs.
  • Greenwashing must be curbed.

A good everyday life even without digital skills

  • Even consumers without digital skills must have access to all the necessary services.
  • The possibility to pay with cash must be ensured.

Solutions for housing problems

  • Clear regulations for the use and return of rent deposits.
  • Better settlement of disputes between tenants outside the courts.
  • Amendments to construction and housing market legislation.

Timely and reasonably priced social and health care services

  • Everyone has the right to timely health care.
  • The price of being ill should be reduced.

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Juha Beurling-Pomoell

Secretary General

Tiina Vyyryläinen

Head of Policy Team