Rental Guide


Rental Guide – Tips and advice for both the tenant and the landlord

Can the landlord increase the rent when they want to? Cat destroyed the walls – who is going to pay? Can you cancel a fixed-term tenancy agreement?

Different issues rising from renting a residence are often due to the lack of knowledge of both the rights and duties of the tenant and the landlord. This guide is here to provide the knowledge needed for a smooth renting, for both parties.

Main issues arising from renting a residence are dealt with in this guide. These issues include signing a tenancy agreement, increasing the rent, and terminating the tenancy. Answers to questions on liability for damages as well as paying and returning the security deposit will also be found in these pages.

This guide can be found also in different languages and in simple Finnish on the website of the Consumers’ Union of Finland.

Download the guide in PDF form:

Rental guide – Easy-to-read tips for both the tenant and the landlord

This guide provides easy-to-read instructions on renting a residence. The guide includes information on the tenant’s and the landlord’s rights and obligations. The landlord owns the apartment and rents it to the tenant.

The guide also describes

  • The legal provisions regarding rental living.
  • What can be agreed in the tenancy agreement
  • How a tenancy can be ended.

This guide is intended for both tenants and landlords.

Download Rental Guide in simple English below: